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easy come easy go 10-15-06 19:48
so here it is, nearly....a year??? later.
i definately miss elowel.
i like just posting about random nonsense.
but i dont like all the drama involved with voicing my nonsense.
so i was on hiatus for a while.
now i have excellent coping skills (haha) for stupid situations.

i am in college :::crowd roars:::
i have my own apartment :::loud noises:::
and two b-e-a-Utiful kittens ^_^ :::awwwwwww:::

just a random tidbit.

but thats all for now.
just to keep anyone that still reads this interested.....wanting more....more of the sashage!

peace love and art.

vous le vous 01-22-06 21:34
I LOVE MY JAKINS! omg. im so cold and hafta pee and still hafta take a shower and i have to wake up at 5:25 tomorrow morning to take jakes ass to school for baseball. BUT GOD DO I LOVE HIM!



I'm dying 01-18-06 19:37
So today at work, we had to throw out ALL of the chicken. We had to cut open the bags and dump it into a big trach bag and throw it out. Because it was contaminated with something...
the food administration of taco bell called mae (with a recording) and said to dispose of ALL chicken in the store in that manner.
And I ate some of the chicken....earlier before the call.
and now i feel really weird. like shakey. my lip wont stop quivering.
im really scared because i went into the office and mae had taken notes on a sheet of paper and on it it said "DO NOT EAT CHICKEN. Bird Flu Epidemic!"

im so fucking scared i want to cry...omg...

ewwwww!!! 01-08-06 20:36

omg, she is so nasty and posting pictures of your FAT HANGING OVER YOUR THONG IS NOT CUTE!!! is SLUTTY and NASTY!

i almost want to vomit.

apparently courney wants to beat my ass now.


dont care.

i never see her and even if i did, jake would end up beating the shit out of her is she touched me.
not like i couldnt but if she sat on my i wouldnt have a chance.


cant girls just leave me alone?

i dont get it.

I DONT LIKE GIRLS!!! yet they always want drama with me.
when usually, they are the ones instigating it.

like 3 girls i can name off the top of my head.

but i wont ^_^

night kidz.



holy shit. tonight has been well....scary. interesting. among many things.

i havent slept in 24 hours.

i have school tomorrow and work from 4-9.

tomorrow is either going to be GREAT or ABSOLUTE HELL.
or a mix of both.


so yeah. i wanted to call jake and tell him but since i see him in about 2 hours anyways, why bother waking him?


not here not now 01-04-06 23:59

so things are freakin awesome and i cannot wait till february. so many GREAT things are happening.

valentines day
my 18th birthday (THE REAL ONE)

it is going to me LOTS of fun.
for sooo many reasons.
like i <3 them
and jake loved it when i got it for him for xmas. and plus
its a concert and mosh pit so that means i get to take out all my angry little aggression on totally random strangers.

i love rock for that simple fact =)

and other stuff.


1:59 am.

i really need to stop doing this because its fucking me up at school. lol.
oh wells.
but im gonna go.
i <3 things.

and dont <3 other things.



+++Sashage Muffins+++

white hull 12-25-05 19:30

so this is wonderful.
im already pissed cause im not coming back until tomorrow and then i have to work when i get back and omg i am not in a good mood.
totally bored. NOTHING TO DO.

i want to see jake but noooo. on top of that, nasty skank-whore courtney pissed me off REALLLLLLY bad.


i hate WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!

and yeah, not in a good mood.
then i call jake and he wasnt paying attention to me so i was like "im just gonmna go" and he was like "are you mad?" and im like "at courtney, not you. plus your busy. ill let you go." and he goes "whatever. bye."
and im like "well i love you." and hes like "i love you too. bye."
then hangs up.


this has turned out to be the best and worst xmas day ever.

thanks everyone.


aww. Jake and I's song just came on the rock channel....I havent heard it in so long. ^_^



+++Sashage MUFFINS!!!+++

damn. so i am like all sorts of smelly tonight. i was running around so im sweaty and my armpits stink. and then i ate some bean dip....sheesh. lol.
KIDDING sorta.
about the bean dip. i was running around though.
i got so many cool presents. and then i got $45 dollars so i bought a NICE leather Tool wallet and two purses and a shirt that is like jessykas white tank with the sequin arm bands...she knows what im talking about.
im so bored. jake is so cute. he told me ever since i left, his whole daily routine has been thrown off. lol. sleeping, showers....the works i guess.
hes a silly duck.

well im bored and talking to jessyka through online TEXT MESSAGING! how RADICAL is that BROTHER?!

hah. i crack myself up.

but im gonna go cause she is way more important than you loserfaces. >P


freshly black 12-20-05 12:57
so i just painted my fingernails a fresh new shiny coat of black!
its so pretty. i havent had black nails for the grip.
so weehoo.
Im supposed to go with Ali today cause she is getting her tongue pierced. If anyone wants to, I would be more than happy to take a lended $60 so i can pierce something as well. I want my tongue done twice anyways.
i think it would be awesome.

anyways, the cool part about me posting is the fact that i am at jakes house which means he has internet again and that means i dont lose a lot of computer time at home anymore. or is that what it means?
im not exactly sure. my memory is fried.

so anyways.
i suppose i shall go soon. there seems to be a comotion behind me. odd.


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